LEC- Laser Eye Clinic London located at Brompton Road (next to Harrods), Knightsbridge, is an international eye clinic specialized in treatment of Myopia, Presbyopia and Cataract patients.

2012年,EuroEyes是第一家在上海(金茂大厦)开设眼科诊所的外国眼科机构,随后在北京、重庆、广州、杭州、深圳和成都开设了诊所 - 德视佳眼科.

LEC-London is a 100% clinic owned by Euroeyes international - and offer same state of art treatments in refractive surgery. Treatments are performed by high volume surgeons and among the best in the fields, who have also performed surgeries at our Euroeyes clinics in China. In our clinics in London we also employees Chinese staff to deliver the best services. London since centuries have a big Chinese community and we therefor feels passionated to become the Eye Clinic for Chinese speaking people living in London.